Planning Out the Location For Your Wooden Deck

You will see that these days’ people are adding new features and elements to their houses to make it look more interesting and fascinating. You can add garden fountains, benches, ponds and even modern furniture to give it a stylish look. Backyard decks are very much in fashion these days. You can either hire a professional deck builder for this task or can build your own wooden deck by a little planning a research.

At McNish Outdoor living service, we promise not only high quality products but we ensure that we add value to our customer’s property. Adding a backyard structure is not the only thing that can add value to your property. Still, their placement has a lot to do with the overall appeal of your house. Adding a backyard structure can increase the resale value of your house by 10 percent. It also increases the overall square footage of your available living space on the property. Our fully customized and creative designs add beauty and value to your property. So, even if you wish to resale your property, you will have a better value for the property in the end. 

In this article, my main focus would be to tell you about some good tips that you can use to design and construct a good wooden deck for your house.

1. Tools and equipments needed for this work
If you are building your own wooden deck then you will need a wide variety of tools and equipments to complete this task. Some essential things that you would need are shovel, drill, hammer, circular saw, carpenter’s level, wheelbarrow, and tape measure, caulking gun and safety eyeware.

Turn your backyard into a destination. Enjoy the Florida sunshine with a custom outdoor living space, whether it is to enhance the aesthetics of your home or increase its value a backyard structure is always a good investment. No one likes to be cooped up inside and extend your living space beyond the walls of your home, your dream backyard awaits. McNish Outdoor Living offers a wide range of services whether it is a deck, a gazebo by the pool, a pergola on a sunny Florida afternoon, or hosting a cookout with your new outdoor kitchen, we will get it done.

2. Essential materials required for construction
If you are not hiring a professional constructor or contractor then you have to order your own materials. Always order the exact amount to prevent the wastage of costly materials. You would require caulking compound, joist hangers, lag screws, pre-mixed concrete, gravel, flashing, joist hanger nails, seismic ties, post bases and crushed stone for the construction work.

3. Choose a good style and design
It is very essential for you to choose a deck design and style that would look good with the rest of your house. You can find ideas on home improvement websites operating on the internet. You can also take opinions and ideas from your family members and friends. Looking at other wood decks would also give you a good idea of the deck design you are looking for.

4. Plan out the location for your deck
The location of your deck area is something that would greatly affect the whole look of your deck. There are various points that you must consider before selecting a particular area like the direction of sun, wind and other natural element. Sun can really harm the appearance and color of your wooden deck. A good way through which you can protect your deck from sun and water is to apply a good stain, sealer and UV stabilizer paints.

5. Choosing the wood
There are various types of wood available in the market that you can choose for your deck, but always keep in mind that the wood should be durable and long lasting. You can select from pine wood, cedar, pressure treated lumber or redwood.

A good location, an attractive design and durable materials can really make your deck area look attractive and enchanting.

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